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Greetings, like a string, play a busy life; blessings, like a thread, implicate your friendship with mine. Happy birthday!


On the blooming orchid petals, I write out my endless thoughts and wishes for you, and wish you a happy birthday!


Crossing the mountains and mountains, I am so enchanted by the paradise that I say goodbye to yesterday's day. Today's world will be more splendid!


Flowers are similar year by year, but people are different year by year. Waking up and waking up is not a dream. There are wrinkles between eyebrows.


On your birthday, I can't accompany you, can't give you my warmth, can only leave my wish, wish you happy every day!


Happy birthday to you, always happy to look up and see Kangzhuang Avenue in front of you, bow down and see gold and silver paving the ground!


May every day of your life be as beautiful as a picture! Happy birthday!


May the tighter the hand of friendship is, the closer the hearts are. My best brothers and sisters, happy birthday to you!


I hope I am the first friend to say "Happy Birthday" to you. I wish you happiness and success in this year.


A gift that will last forever, a diamond, can't be bought! Preservatives, boredom! Don't guess, tell you, it's a blessing from my heart!


Life and love are the highest meanings of human beings. Did you find your love while I was trying to grasp life?


Youth sunshine and laughter for this belongs to your day, dance a happy rhythm to wish you a happy birthday!


It's tulip day, it's your day. May this day of your year be auspicious and fragrant! Happy birthday to you!


Year after year, sincere wishes are conveyed to you. Wish you happiness and happiness! Happy birthday! Every day has a good mood!


May the radio wave drive my blessing: Happiness, so that it can be delivered to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy everyday!


On this most brilliant day of yours, I sincerely send you the oldest but newest wishes: Happy Birthday!


Today is your first step towards maturity. May you walk steadily and steadily and walk out of a road full of flowers.


Happy birthday! Get a good woman early and marry her! It's helpful, but it's a matter in my heart.


I hope I'm the first friend to say "Happy Birthday" to you. I wish you a happy and successful year.


Happy birthday to you in your dream!


Maybe you weren't born for me, but I was lucky to be with you. May I light your birthday candles every year of my life.


Life and love are the highest meanings of human beings. While trying to grasp life, I hope you can find love as soon as possible. Happy birthday!


Today is your birthday, and I have never forgotten to wish you a happy birthday, youthful permanent, more and more beautiful girls on this special day!


May our friendship be as natural, as free and as vibrant as the combination of the sun and the earth.


On this joyful day, I sincerely wish you a long stay in youth, and wish you a quiet and joyful quietly, Happy Birthday!


No wish is warmer than ours, no daughter is closer to you. Happy birthday! I love you very much!


May my blessings flow in your eyes like a ray of brilliant sunshine. Happy birthday!


May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth, all good friends always surround you, happy birthday!


No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. Happy birthday to myself!


Happy birthday to myself! Although it is a person, but I am very happy.


May you look up and see Cupid today, meet a beautiful woman when you go out, bow your head and pick up a bundle of hundred-dollar bills, and step on the stinky shit at home! Ha-ha!


May you enjoy your relaxation happily and make up for your hard work in this year.


Let me sincerely wish you, the leaves of your life, the flowers of February!


Let me keep this fragrant memory and treasure this beautiful page of friendship. On your birthday, please accept my deep blessings.


On your birthday, you are given several Spring and Autumn Festivals, but what remains is the most sincere friendship that belongs to you and me!